Plenary Address at NWAV 39

I have been asked to give a plenary address at the conference, New Ways of Analyzing Variation 39, held November 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.  The title of my plenary, “Borrowing and Lending:  Contributions to the Study of Language and Social Stratification across Sociolinguistics, Sociology, and Education,” will be given as part of a series of plenaries.  Click here to read my abstract, and click here to read more about the other plenary speakers.

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  1. Christine, I keep hearing wonderful things about your plenary. (Since I ‘hear’ things in chat form, these things have all been accompanied by a *lot* of exclamation points.) You clearly made a very real and very positive impression on this NWAV. I’m so sad to have missed out! Props to you! Keep on being wonderful.

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