Language in Baltimore

In Baltimore, the language we hear tells us about our history as a city and reflects the diversity of the people who live here. In this short podcast, “The Revelatory Power of Language,” I talk about how language differences occur naturally and are part of how we define ourselves and relate to each other, on individual and societal levels. Whether we drink soda or pop, whether we pronounce aunt as “ant” or “ahnt” and “Baltimore” as Bawlmer or Baldamor, whether we use isn’t or ain’t, language tells us something about who we are as speakers of the ever-changing English language.

To learn more, click here to redirect to my website on Baltimore Language!

Image: 2018 talk, “Baltimore as an Incubator of Linguistic Diversity,” delivered for EduLab, part of the Labs@Light City segment of Baltimore’s Light City social innovation conference.

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