Engaged Research

Language is one of our most basic human characteristics—using language is something we all do, all the time, every day. But there isn’t just one linguistic code that we use. Rather, language is a nuanced, complex social tool, naturally evolving over time and changing for different circumstances. The ways people use language reflects their cultures and identities, and can also indicate social boundaries and social divisions.

The overarching theme central to all aspects of my work is my commitment to applying interdisciplinary knowledge to address social inequalities, advance cultural and linguistic equity, diversity, and inclusion, and broaden access and participation at all levels of education, especially for historically underrepresented and systemically excluded groups. 

My research explores areas that include:

  • the significance of language to social justice, from theory to action,
  • the centrality of language to social opportunities as well as inequalities, especially in educational spheres,
  • the importance of ethical principles and methodological innovation in the study of language in its social context.

View my academic CV for a complete list of my research and professional activities: