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I am available to give talks, lectures, and presentations on various topics related to my expertise in sociolinguistics and in topics related to academia. I have given numerous talks to scholarly audiences at colleges and universities as well as to groups of K-12+ educators and community members.

Click here for a list of my upcoming and previous presentations.

Some of my regular presentation topics include:

    • Language Variation in Diverse Schools and Communities
    • Southern English and Appalachian English
    • African American English, including its History and Development
    • Regional, Gender, and Class Variation in Varieties of American English
    • Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • Service-Learning in Sociolinguistics
    • Interdisciplinarity: Sociolinguistics and Sociology
    • How to Negotiate an Academic Book Contract

To learn more about my presentations with Dr. Anne H. Charity Hudley, click here. Let us know you’re coming and invite your friends to our events on Facebook!


My CV (updated June 2013) provides a complete list of my presentations.  Please contact me at <mallinson AT umbc DOT edu> for more information.


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