Podcasts on Language in Baltimore

This semester in my seminar “Language in Diverse Schools and Communities,” we produced podcasts on language in Baltimore, Maryland.  The podcasts are:  (1) “‘It’s a Language Variation, and It Has Its Own Structure’: K-12 Educators in Maryland and Virginia Talk about Language Variation in the Classroom,” by Dr. Christine Mallinson, Laura Strickling, and Dr. Anne H. Charity Hudley, (2) “‘Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!’ Exploring Hon as a Linguistic and Identity Marker in Baltimore,” by Holly Britton and Heidi Faust, (3) “‘Baldamor, Curry, and Dug’: Language Variation, Culture, and Identity among African American Baltimoreans,” by Inte’a DeShields, and (4) “Multilingualism and Ethnicity in Baltimore, Maryland,” by Daniel Morales and Panthea Parang.  Check us out at Baltimorelanguage.com to listen to our podcasts and learn more about the linguistic charm of Charm City!

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