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The 2011 “Teaching American Speech” Section

June 17, 2011

The Summer 2011 “Teaching American Speech” section of the journal American Speech (86.2) is now available!  This summer’s section includes the following:

Lauren Squires and Robin Queen, “Media Clips Collection: Creation and Application for the Linguistics Classroom,” pp. 220-234

Benjamin Torbert, “Using Literature in the Linguistics Classroom,” pp. 234-246

Beth Rapp Young, “The Grammar Voyeur: Using Google to Teach English Grammar to Advanced Undergraduates,” pp. 247-258

Phillip M. Carter, “A Treatise on ‘Multiculturalism’ and Education,” pp. 259-263. A review of:  Language Diversity in the Classroom, by John Edwards (Multilingual Matters, 2010).

Lauren Hall-Lew, “Norsemen, Normans, and Now: A Book for Today’s English Language History Student,” pp. 264-268.  A review of:  The English Language: A Historical Introduction, by Charles Barber, Joan C. Beal, and Philip A. Shaw (Cambridge, 2009)


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