The 2011 “Teaching American Speech” Section

The Summer 2011 “Teaching American Speech” section of the journal American Speech (86.2) is now available!  This summer’s section includes the following:

Lauren Squires and Robin Queen, “Media Clips Collection: Creation and Application for the Linguistics Classroom,” pp. 220-234

Benjamin Torbert, “Using Literature in the Linguistics Classroom,” pp. 234-246

Beth Rapp Young, “The Grammar Voyeur: Using Google to Teach English Grammar to Advanced Undergraduates,” pp. 247-258

Phillip M. Carter, “A Treatise on ‘Multiculturalism’ and Education,” pp. 259-263. A review of:  Language Diversity in the Classroom, by John Edwards (Multilingual Matters, 2010).

Lauren Hall-Lew, “Norsemen, Normans, and Now: A Book for Today’s English Language History Student,” pp. 264-268.  A review of:  The English Language: A Historical Introduction, by Charles Barber, Joan C. Beal, and Philip A. Shaw (Cambridge, 2009)


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