Sign Up for the 2011 VCU Summer Workshop “Language Variation in the Classroom”

Sign up now for our 2011 workshop, “Language Variation in the Classroom: An Educator’s Toolkit” to be held July 25th through 29th, 2011, through Virginia Commonwealth University’s Summer Workshop Series. Participants are eligible to receive 3 hours of graduate credit.

In the course, we examine some of the major differences in the speech and writing of students who are who are speakers of Southern English and/or African-American English and students who are new learners of English. We  share assessment tools, methods, and activities that educators can use to address language variations in their students’ speech, reading, and writing, including on standardized tests. Participants also develop a set of take-home materials, including lesson plans and project plans, that they can incorporate into their own classroom materials.

Click here to read a complete description of the course and to learn how to register.  And be sure to also read what past participants in our VCU workshops and participants in our other past professional development workshops have said about us!

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